Use Cases

The Purpose Behind Our Token


Unleash the potential of immediate earnings with audience tips in the world of cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional fiat systems with their intermediaries and processing delays, cryptocurrencies facilitate swift and direct transactions through decentralized blockchain technology.


Integral to our structure, a distinct 15% of each tip contributes to fortifying the collective staking pool. This shared reservoir serves participants in our unique initiative, with rewards tied to their contribution size, fostering fairness and engagement.


Harnessing the power of gamification, our approach aims to captivate the community using diverse mechanics that empower you to express support for your favoured content creators. Among these mechanics is the 'Ignite Feature.' By allotting your balance across distinct creators, channels, or shows, you organically amplify their visibility – all without algorithmic manipulation. You can withdraw your tokens from 'Ignite' whenever you choose.


Tokens from the reserved wallet will be directed through the tipping system, incentivizing artist onboarding and rewarding content creators.

Premium Adversiting

Elevate your brand by obtaining prime advertising space on our homepage through the precurement of Odeum tokens.


You can purchase content subscriptions with Odeum tokens.

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