Comprehending the Revenue Ecosystem

Fee Structure on the Odeum platform

  • Content Creator Share: 80%

  • Staking Pool Allocation: 15%

  • Team Portion: 4%

  • Permanent Burn: 1%

Content Creator

We prioritize ensuring that content creators receive a substantial portion of their earnings. As part of our commitment, an impressive 80% of every contributed tip is directed straight to them, underscoring our dedication to their financial well-being.

Staking Pool

With each tip sent, 15% is allocated to the staking pool. This portion is then distributed proportionally among participants actively engaged in the staking process.


A 4% portion of all tips is allocated to the team, supporting continuous development and platform enhancements.


A 1% fraction of all tips is permanently burnt, effectively reducing the total supply of Odeum tokens.

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