Contributing Content

How to Upload Your Content on Odeum

Upload content with ease using our simple form

Step 1 - Sign in

Access content uploading by signing into your account.

Step 2 - Profile Icon

Once signed in, locate your profile icon at the top right corner. Click it to unveil a drop-down menu.

Step 3 - Upload Content

Within the drop-down menu, select 'Upload Content.'

Step 4 - Fill out fields

Thoroughly and accurately fill in the required fields on the upload form. This ensures your content's discoverability on the platform.

Step 5 - Thumbnail Attachment

Attach the desired thumbnail for your content display.

Step 6 - Content Attachment

Attach the content you intend to upload on Odeum.

Step 7 - Initiate Upload

Upon accurately completing all fields and attaching the files, click the upload button.

Step 8 - Wait

Once your submission is successful, a green 'Success' message will appear. Upload speed is dependent on your internet connection.

Step 9 - Congratulations

Your content is now published on Odeum, eagerly awaiting your fans' engagement.

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