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Non exhaustive list of major Milestones and features
The outlined milestones pertain to the upcoming year and are not exhaustive of our entire planned scope. As the platform evolves, the team will introduce further functionalities based on community feedback and preferences.
User feedback: We value all feedback provided through the dapp and will incorporate it into our actions. Enhancing user experience is our foremost concern, and we will prioritise its optimisation accordingly.

Achieved Milestones

Alpha Platform launch: Odeum has launched in alpha stage.
Smart Contracts: Tipping, Staking and Revenue sharing smart contracts have been developed.
Token launch: The Odeum token will be launched on the Arbitrum network.
Smart Contracts: Staking and Tipping contracts have been deployed to Arbitrum main net.
Tipping Live: Listeners can now tip artists using Odeum tokens.

Upcoming Milestones

A non exhaustive list of the development milestones that Odeum wishes to achieve. Please note that this does not mention talent on-boarding or marketing.

Q4 2023

Alpha bug fixes and enhancements: Initial issues will be addressed and improvements made, advancing Odeum into its beta stage.
Tipping: Users will be able to tip content creators using Odeum tokens. This feature is currently working on testnet.
Smart Contracts: Existing smart contracts deployed to FTM testnet will be ported across and tested on Arbitrum.

Q1 2024

Record labels: A specialised segment designed for record labels to efficiently manage multiple content creators.
Analytics: Content creators will have the capability to access and review their statistics through enabled analytics.
Playlists: Users will have the ability to curate playlists featuring their preferred content.

Q2 2024

Revenue Sharing: The development of smart contracts for this functionality is already complete, and they will be seamlessly integrated into the system.
Discovery algorithms: Facilitating interactions through comments, chats, and fan clubs.
Comments: Facilitate interactive engagement by enabling comments on content.

Q3 2024

Ignite: Strategically allocate Odeum tokens to enhance your visibility and reach.
Engagement: Comments, chats and fan clubs
Fan Clubs: Foster community and fan engagement by establishing Fan Clubs