1 Inch

A guide to purchasing Odeum Tokens via 1 Inch

Contract Address: 0x4a0f146b4c6f757a91126c8ec2bbc436ad8b3a31

Purchase Odeum tokens exclusively through the Official Odeum contract address on the Arbitrum network. Be vigilant against fraudulent tokens.

Step 1 - Visit 1 Inch

Begin by visiting 1 Inch: https://app.1inch.io/

Step 2 - Bridge ETH to Arbitrum


  • Transfer ETH from a centralized exchange to a MetaMask address on Arbitrum.

  • Bridge ETH from the Ethereum blockchain to the Arbitrum blockchain using the Metamask 'bridge' tool.

Step 3 - Connect your wallet

On the upper right of the 1 Inch Dapp click on 'Connect Wallet'. A dialog window will pop up asking you for three inputs.

First tick the box to accept their terms and conditions.

Second select Arbitrum as the chain you wish to connect to.

Lastly select MetaMask as the wallet you wish to use.

Step 4 - Specify Input Currency

From the drop-down menu, select the token you intend to exchange for Odeum tokens, often Ethereum.

Step 5 - Select output currency

In the output currency section, click "select token." Paste the official contract address (0x4a0f146b4c6f757a91126c8ec2bbc436ad8b3a31) to display the Odeum token, then select it.

Step 6 - Execute the Swap

Once both tokens are chosen, initiate the swap by clicking on the swap button.

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