A guide to purchasing Odeum Tokens via Sushiswap

Contract Address: 0x4a0f146b4c6f757a91126c8ec2bbc436ad8b3a31

Purchase Odeum tokens exclusively through the Official Odeum contract address on the Arbitrum network. Be vigilant against fraudulent tokens.

Step 1 - Visit Sushiswap

Begin by visiting Sushiswap:

Step 2 - Bridge ETH to Arbitrum


  • Transfer ETH from a centralized exchange to a MetaMask address on Arbitrum.

  • Bridge ETH from the Ethereum blockchain to the Arbitrum blockchain using the Metamask 'bridge' tool.

Step 3 - Connect your wallet

On the upper right of the Sushiswap Dapp click on 'Connect Wallet'. When MetaMask prompts you, connect to Sushiswap and select the desired wallet.

Step 4 - Select Arbitrum chain

On the upper right of the Sushiswap Dapp, select the Arbitrum chain by clicking the Ethereum logo and choosing Arbitrum.

Step 5 - Specify Input Currency

From the drop-down menu, select the token you intend to exchange for Odeum tokens, often Ethereum.

Step 6 - Select output currency

In the output currency section, click "select token." Paste the official contract address (0x4a0f146b4c6f757a91126c8ec2bbc436ad8b3a31) to display the Odeum token, then select it.

Step 7 - Increase slippage

You will need to increase the slippage to 5.3%. To achieve this click on the cog icon at the top of the swap window and enter 5.3% into the slippage field.

Step 8 - Execute the Swap

Once both tokens are chosen, initiate the swap by clicking on the swap button.

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